Project: How Did We Get Here
Role: Director / D.O.P

Three strange animals: The Blondes. Their brains often operate in synchronicity. Together they thrive, feeding off one another in a symbiotic relationship. This species of Blonde is a peculiar specimen. Look at them and wonder. To the onlooker it appears to be absolute chaos. Who are they? How did they get here? Are they natural Blondes?​ ​ Janelle Yip, Emily Childs and Tonje Kvivik go by “The Blondes” and know only one speed: Full throttle. How Did We Get Here? Is an endearing story of the journey that three friends have taken, both on and off the mountain, to lead a passion- and joy-fueled life. Watch now.​

Project: Whats In A Glass
Role: Director / D.O.P

BC Wine is a wine with a story. Each bottle is more than just early mornings and the hope for no sudden freezes. It’s the connection to nature, finding the perfect day to gather the grapes and sleepless nights worrying about each farming decision. It’s natural, handcrafted and delicious wines meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Visit

Project: Space Craft
Role: Director / D.O.P

The dream of man. The long, impossible dream to reach out to the moon. Fly along with Sam Kuch as he explores the parallels between skiing and space travel. A mastery of weightlessness and gravity, and an ode to the ultimate explorers of our time. 10 seconds and counting.

Project: Yours Truly
Role: Director / D.O.P

Yours Truly is a visual love letter to winter, penned by pro skier Cole Richardson. Filmed in the heart of BC backcountry, this short film captures the hunt for powder, pillows, and lines through the lens of Cole’s signature creativity and style.

Project: Forever Young
Role: Director / D.O.P

Introducing the Silver Sliders. The members of this extraordinary ski crew are in their 70s, living their best life and skiing almost daily, when snow permits. Let’s get to know their good vibes and learn something about how to age in style.

Project: Here Goes – Sam Kuch
Role: Director / D.O.P

A mantra is a personal phrase that is intended to use your thoughts as a guide. Before Sam drops into any line, he utters his own mantra, “here goes”. What began as a superstitious habit has become the final push of confidence used to face any task he might encounter. Everything from public speaking to dropping committed pillow lines in the backcountry. Couple that with a love of music and you’ve got yourself a serious recipe for focus and execution. Here Goes.

Project: Electricfied Wing suit
Role: Post Director / Editor

A jump into the unknown. The point of no return. Wingsuit pilot Peter Salzmann does what no other human has ever done before, and sets a new level for flying. After three years of intensive research and countless tests in partnership with BMW i, a dream is coming true at last.

Project: Echo Bay Vineyards
Role: Director / D.O.P

This anthem video captures the spirit of a three generation B.C. vineyard. If you haven’t heard of Echo Bay, do yourself a favour and get a bottle. This small batch winery focuses on minimal intervention with its Bordeaux grape varietals. The piece steps away from the informational winery video, instead of telling the farm’s story through beautiful visuals of its people and processes.

Project: Sammy Carlson / OVER TIME
Role: Director / D.O.P

“What you are, and what you become, depends on how you use your time.”

Sammy Carlson and CK9 Studios’ new project OVER TIME is a reminder to make your hours count. There are a lot of unknowns in creating a high caliber ski film. You need a vision. You need storms to deliver snow. You need the weather to work in your favor. You need to consistently be at the top of your game. You need a good crew. You need good terrain. And more than anything, you need time for all of these things to align. Filmed purely in the heart of the backcountry, Over Time’s got it all: Powder, pillows, lines, backcountry booters, and incredible follow-cams.

It’s beautifully filmed and, of course, the skiing speaks for itself. We hope it inspires you to use your time wisely. It’s always snowing somewhere.

Project: Imagination
Role: Cinematographer + Drone Pilot

We’ve all been that kid sitting in the back seat of our family car, wishing we were somewhere else. Through the boredom, the driveway snow piles, sidewalk handrails and stair sets start to tease our inner skier. Watch day dreams come to life as Tom Wallisch shreds the snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia.


Silver Lion Cannes, 2018 / Best of The Year, Vimeo, 2018 / Best Canadian Film, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2018 / Best Short Film, Kendall Mountain Film Festival 2018 / Best Film Snow Sports, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2018  / Best Short, IF3, 2017

Project: Children Of The Columbia
Role: Cinematographer + Drone Pilot

Join big mountain skiers Dane Tudor and Christina Lustenberger as they travel up the waterway that shaped them, the mighty Columbia, home to some of the best skiing in the world. From Trail through Revelstoke and on to Kinbasket Lake, through the famed Selkirks, Monashees and Rocky Mountains, Dane and “Lusti” move northwards through a unique mountain culture. A land of stark contrast, where dams and development give way to wilderness, massive snows, and a sea of peaks.

Project: Loved By All
Role: Cinematographer + Drone Pilot + 1st AC

A child of the Khumbu, Apa Sherpa climbed Everest 21 times. Pulled away at the age of 12 to work as a high altitude porter, like so many others, he would leave his family for months, risking his life on the mountain. Through his work at the Apa Sherpa Foundation, he aims to create a different future for his people.

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