Project : Echo Bay Vineyards
Role: Director + DOP

This anthem video captures the spirit of a three generation B.C. vineyard. If you haven’t heard of Echo Bay, do yourself a favour and get a bottle. This small batch winery focuses on minimal intervention with its Bordeaux grape varietals. The piece steps away from the informational winery video, instead telling the farm’s story through beautiful visuals of its people and processes.

Project : Zhiyun EVO Two
Role: Director + DOP

Travel Alberta
Role: Drone Pilot + Cinematographer

Let’s do this. Canadian Rockies, golden prairies, vibrant cities and ancient badlands. Prepare for adventure in Alberta, Canada. Discover world-class skiing. Canada’s biggest dark sky preserve. Mysterious ancient badlands. Rolling foothills and stunning wildlife. Big cities with a small town feel. And extraordinary hidden gems for all.

Project : Tourism Victoria
Role: Director + DOP

Project : Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Role: Director + DOP

In Lake Louise, we live and breathe winter. The epitome of luxury in a winter wonderland setting, it’s just like staying in a real life snow globe. As snowflakes fall from the sky, they dust our winter wonderland with a layer of magic. This is when the soaring mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies are delicate, untouched and pure. Branches are dressed in snowy white and the vast, white wilderness twinkles under the sun’s rays. A stillness lingers in the air, begging to be broken by the crunch of a snowshoe, the blades of an ice skate and the edges of a ski.

Project: Mica Heli

Role: Cinematographer + Drone Pilot + Lead Editor

If there’s one thing that is difficult about Mica, it’s capturing its magic. But last April, the famed Sherpas, innovators in mountain cinema, loaded bags of gear into the red Arrow helicopters at staging, and headed in to the lodge with skiers Christina Lustenberger, Dane Tudor, Hadley Hammer and Sammy Carlson. Executive Producers Eric Crosland and Mitchell Scott, teamed with DP Clay Mitchell and photographer Blake Jorgensen, worked together to pull that magic onto the screen. With weather giving us blower snow, April giving us blue skies, and a wicked team giving everyone December excitement, we now give you, in celebration of 15 years of Mica Magic.

Project: Canada Goose / Simon Beck

Role: Cinematographer + Drone Pilot

It’s official: Winter has arrived. To help us welcome the new season, snowshoe artist Simon Beck created an expansive drawing on a frozen lake in the Canadian Rockies. Discover how he carved his own path, one step at a time.

Project: Audi -Projection of Greatness:

Role: Gaffer + AC

With the confidence to conquer any road, and an impressive mix of performance, style and innovation, the all-new Audi Q7 is a real projection of greatness. Literally. All effects filmed on location, in camera, in real time. No VFX were added during the post-production of this video.

Go behind the scenes: